Do Parakeets Sing?

Parakeets are the best parrots to keep as pets in the US. They are beautiful and very easy to bond with. In addition, a parakeet can learn new vocabulary and thus, be able to communicate better. But, talking and chatting aside, do parakeets sing or learn music?

When you want to get a pet parakeet and are prepared to spend a lot of quality time with it, you might want to understand how they behave. Firstly, a parakeet is very sociable and will love talking, playing, and mimicking other birds and people.

According to Wikipedia, both male and female parakeets can sing or learn to mimic sounds, though singing is more pronounced in male parakeets who are more active compared to female parakeets. 

When a parakeet is singing, it can be a sign of happiness and contentment, males flirting with female parakeets, the parakeet wishing for your attention, or marking off territory in the cage.

How Can I Get My Parakeet To Sing?

Check Your Parakeets Health

In most cases, if your parakeet refuses to sing, it is due to discomfort or illness.

If you notice signs of weakness, inactivity, consistent sneezing, or other behavioral changes, you can take it to an avian veterinarian for medical assessment. 

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Is Your Parakeet Happy?

If cleared of ill health, you might also need to consider the parakeet’s happiness. Singing, whistling, and other vocal qualities of a parakeet can indicate happiness. So, analyze the mood to understand if the bird is willing to sing. 

Is Your Parakeet Getting Enough Rest?

First, ensure your bird is getting enough sleep so they don’t feel grumpy all the time. You will need to ensure a steady sleep pattern for your parakeet; covering the cage or turning off the light for 12 hours so they can get enough sleep.

Rotate Or Buy New Parakeet Toys

You can also do a few things to improve the parakeet’s mood, such as bringing a toy they love, getting them a bigger cage, or even playing some music.

Your Parakeet Needs A Friend

If you feel your parakeet is still unhappy and won’t sing, you can get another parakeet so they can communicate. However, it will be best to introduce the birds carefully, so don’t put the new bird in the same cage right away as they could both get aggressive, especially if they are two females.

Once you feel your parakeet is ready to learn some singing, you can play some music near the cage, whistle when near the cage, or even sing. Naturally, the bird will try to mimic you and even outdo you, especially if you encourage it to join you.

You will know your bird loves singing when they emit high-pitched, melodic tones that are different from basic bird chatter. If you want to encourage more singing, you can place a mirror near the parakeet so they can see themselves and trigger song-like behavior.

Do Parakeets Like Music?

“Alexa? Play me parakeet sounds on Youtube”

Your happy parakeet loves music, and you will find it easy to even teach them human songs.

If you want to play your bird some music, you will need to make sure the music is not too loud a panic them, and that the beats and tones are serene.

Additionally, make sure to not play music with predator sounds as this will induce fear that can harm your parakeet’s health.

You can play some serene songs for your parakeets, such as New Age music or soft classical music. These two genres are relaxed, peaceful, and quiet, and will create an environment similar to the outdoors. 

You can also play nature sounds, but also make sure the sounds are soft and do not contain predator noises. Flowing rivers, falling rain, ocean waves are some relaxing nature sounds your parakeet will enjoy.

In some cases, parakeets also learn human songs, such as pop music. Your bird will enjoy listening to human vocals, and this might even try to mimic the singer, thus learning new words along the way. You can play these songs at low volumes when you are not around the bird as it will interpret it as someone talking to it.

What Does It Mean When Your Parakeet Is Chirping?

Chirping is one of the best qualities you can expect from your parakeet. It means your parakeet is happy, calm, and relaxed. However, you might be worried if your parakeet is chirping too much, which would mean it is feeling neglected or upset.

Your parakeet could chirp normally to welcome or greet you, to sign contentment, or when practicing or showing off singing abilities.

If your parakeet chirps excessively, try to spend more time with it so it doesn’t feel neglected, or pay more attention to what the bird actually needs. Sometimes it could be as simple as picking him up to feed or just play. Your bird could also feel upset about something happening around its environment such as noise.

Do Parakeets Have Vocal Cords?

While You enjoy your parakeet’s singing or would like to train him to sing, you could wonder how they do it, if they have vocal cords. Parakeets do not have vocal cords, which is why their voices sound different from how humans speak.

When singing or talking, a parakeet directs airflow through muscles in the throat which recreate different pitches. Therefore, your parakeet is able to mimic sounds and phrases they hear every day, including greetings and song lyrics.

Do Parakeets Sing At Night?

Do Parakeets Sing At Night?

Parakeets are diurnal creatures who are active during the day and will sleep throughout the night, so it is very unlikely for them to sing at night. 

However, as they are independent creatures, they could sometimes sing and be active at night, especially when you don’t make a steady sleep plan for them.

Thus, it is best for you to make sure your parakeet sleeps at night by covering the cage for 12 hours. 

Do Parakeets Sing When They Are Happy?

Singing is an indication your parakeet is happy and content. Also, just like flocks of parakeets do it in the wild, your parakeet will sing to indicate they feel safe.

Often, your parakeet will combine singing with chattering so you’ll know it is very happy and content in its cage and surroundings. If you have more than one parakeet, they will also sing together to indicate happiness, peace, and good health.

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