Loud Music: Is It Bad For Parakeets?

There is a lot of conflicting information out there about whether loud music is bad for parakeets or not. Some people say that it is bad for them because they are sensitive to noise and can't hear very well, while others will tell you that their birds have been fine living in a noisy household. In this article, we'll look at the question from several different perspectives so you can make an informed decision about your pet's comfort level with music.

Is Loud Music Bad For Parakeets?

Yes! Loud noises can stress out your parakeet, keeping it awake and alert even when it's supposed to be sleeping. This is because where we humans are just annoyed by loud noises if they startle us; for animals like birds, it's a physical assault.

Especially when the noise comes on suddenly or without warning – that will really get them riled up with a fright and may have long-term effects on their auditory system. The same applies to natural disasters like storms too, which can cause severe behavioral changes in pets.

Worse yet is if you keep playing music at full volume over a prolonged period of time – again, more often than not (exceptions exist) – this would probably make your parakeet highly stressed out.


All Music Isn't Created Equally.

There is a difference between ‘loud' a live acoustic guitar makes and the ‘loud' a maxed-out speaker makes. Likewise, there is a difference between ‘loud' classical music makes and ‘loud' hard rock.

Part of what makes this question tricky to answer is that it's not just about volume but also frequency. Some loud music might prompt your parakeet to sing along, whilst other types might make your pet feel scared or anxious.

Do Parakeets Have Good Hearing?

Parakeets have a range of hearing that is twice as wide as ours, and they can also hear in higher frequencies. This is because parakeets are small, and they use their ears to help them maintain balance in flight, so it is important for them to be able to detect the slightest sounds around them.

Some experts say that this is the reason why loud sounds stress out your pet, but others say it is because there is no protection surrounding the bird's ear that would prevent louder noises from coming through.

What Is The Hearing Range Of A Parakeet?

The hearing range for a parakeet is approximately 2,000Hz to 8500 Hz.

Parakeets have an acute sense of hearing and can detect sounds that are far beyond the scope of human capability, including ultrasound waves.

Hearing in humans typically ranges from 20Hz-20kHz.

Parakeets also have some ultrasound sensitivity that allows them to detect flying or roosting insects at night or during dusk as well as fire alarms and may function for communication within flocks.

This ability is not restricted to parrots but also seen in pigeons, owls, bats, and dolphins, among others). Their upper limit of this peculiar sense's frequency ranges from 245 kHz and 460 kHz (the latter being extreme).

Can Parakeets Die From Loud Music?

The answer to this is no. Parakeets cannot die as a direct result of blasting music, but prolonged exposure to excessively loud sounds can lead towards an already existent condition where the bird's internal organs rupture internally, so it is not safe to be exposed under these conditions for longer than a few hours at a time. Be careful if you have sensitive (e.g., noise-sensitive) birds that are near speakers or in other areas impacted by sounds with high SPLs (>100 dB) because even without causing them any physical harm, they may feel panicked and likely traumatized from such an experience in the future.

This would be analogous to humans being inside of an airplane during take-off while wearing earbuds.

What About Loud Appliances?

You may be wondering, what about my blender or vacuum cleaner? Those make pretty loud sounds, too; do I need to be mindful of them, also?

If you're concerned about the volume of appliances, try to keep them on low power or medium.

Likewise with other loud, sudden noises: if your parakeet is nearby when these occur and show signs of distress, it's best to give him/her a break from exposure and make sure they are not in earshot of such sounds for too long.

On the other hand, many parakeets will enjoy this variety of sound and often try to compete with it vocally! You will need to learn how your parakeet reacts to different noises and go by that.

Can I Keep My Parakeet In The Room Where My Sound System Is?

Most parakeet owners state that their parakeet is kept in the same room as their sound system is, and they have no issues with this. Remember, the system itself is not the issue, rather the proximity to your bird and how high you play the music. You might find that your bird is unbothered, but your neighbors, on the other hand, might have a few words for you!


If you are concerned about the effects of loud noise on your parakeet's ears, try playing some music that will be more pleasing to their sensitive hearing. If your bird likes the sound and falls silent for a while afterward, then it was probably just startled by it. You can also play around with different types of music to see what makes them happy or distracted. The key is being observant in how they react to various sounds, so you know which ones bother them and which ones don't.

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