Can Parakeets Swim? Exploring the Floating Facts Around Pet Birds

In this article, we will answer all questions related to parakeets and water. Can parakeets swim? Can they go into the pool with you? Can they bathe in a bowl of water?

What do the bird experts say about pet birds and water? We'll explore these questions and more as we get to know more about our feathered friends.

Can Parakeets Swim?

Answer: No. Parakeets cannot swim. While some parakeets are capable of walking on water, they only glide across the top of it and then either fly away or just walk back to dry land.

Unlike ducks and other surface-swimming birds with webbed feet that propel them through the water with their wings, parrots and parakeets don't have lightweight skeletons and hollow bones as aquatic creatures do — plus they have air sacs in their chest cavity that would make it impossible for them to stay underwater for very long.

If you have a small fishbowl, you might notice your parakeet dip into it for a few seconds and then jump out (whether he is trying to catch food or simply playing about is yet to be revealed!) but rest assured he will not drown in shallow waters.

In saying that, never leave your parakeet unsupervised near open waters as he could drown if he is unable to jump back out.

In the video below, you can observe this green parakeet “dipping” into the fishbowl.

Can Parakeets Go In A Swimming Pool?

Swimming pools are filled with water that contains chlorine and other toxic chemicals used to keep the pool clean. These chemicals can cause skin irritations in many animals, so swimming pools are not advised for Parakeets.

If your parakeet enjoys bathing, try to find a dish of fresh water by getting a bowl from your kitchen, filling it up to three-quarters full, and putting it outside of its cage. During playtime, he may engage with it.

Do Parakeets Like Water?

Parakeets do not like water (not in the way that some other birds do, ducks, for example). As they are not actually aquatic creatures, they dislike being submerged in or soaked with anything. They may splash a little birdbath water out of their drinking cups when they try to drink, but that is about as close as they come to taking baths or showers.

With that being said, they do enjoy preening themselves with water. They can also bathe in a bowl of water if you want them to have one, but it is not necessary for good health and longevity.

Do Parakeets Like Being Sprayed With Water?

Yes. Most parakeets do enjoy light misting of water or using the shower head on low pressure. They will often preen when they are sprayed with water and may even drink it, too.

Parakeets are usually stimulated by water and will often shriek in response to a shower or sprinkler.

Conversely, you might find that your parakeet does not enjoy any type of water play at all. If this is the case, do not continue to try to get them wet.

Can Parakeets Take A Shower?

Can Parakeets Take A Shower?
Parakeet In The Shower

If you are wondering whether or not your new feathered friend can join you for a bath or shower, the answer is no. It is likely that the pressure of your shower will be too much for your parakeet to handle.

It might be a better idea if you provide them with their own dish and allow them to bathe in that, or offer them an occasional bath sponge bath. Just remember, never use soap on the bird as it will cause irritation.

Additionally, they can enjoy the mist of your shower by relaxing on a shower perch as you bathe.

How Often Do Parakeets Bathe?

Parakeets bathe to keep their feathers groomed and to get rid of harmful parasites. Determining if a parakeet has taken a bath is difficult without direct observation. 

The act of any bird reaching up and splashing water or their own droppings off their feathers usually looks like the bird is trying to work dirt out from under the feather when it's really just trying to keep clean!

Parakeets will bathe as often as they need to stay dirty-free in order to thrive. That could be every day, multiple times per day (especially during heavy shedding seasons), or once a week–It largely depends on how messy he is and how much handling he has gotten.


Parakeets may not be able to swim, but they do enjoy being sprayed with water and perching in the mist whilst you take a shower. They also like to preen with shallow dishes of fresh clean water. You might want to consider adding these items into your parakeet's cage for them so that they can stay healthy during the summertime months or any time when it is hot outside!

parakeet water fountain

This is an outdoor bird water bath and fountain. This is useful if you have an outdoor aviary or take your parakeet outside.

parakeet bird bath

This birdbath can be attached to the side of your parakeet's cage and used at will.

parakeet shower perch

Our favorite is this shower perch. Our parakeets love to perch in the warm shower mist. They love the humidity and often preen whilst perched!

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