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Just Like You Do, We Love Our Feathered-Friends!

My Pet Parakeet is a community of parakeet lovers helping guide new parakeet owners to happier healthier birds and bonds. We have the most comprehensive online resource for information on how to care for your pet, as well as tips and tricks about bonding with your feathered friend.


Justine P – Writer

Bird mom and blog writer. My first ever pet bird was a parakeet, and now I am a proud “bird lady” and even enjoy writing about them!

About Us

Marcus G – Writer

“I love exotic birds and have kept several throughout my life. Most people know me for my knowledge of animals and love for writing”


Sophie J – Zookeeper/Writer

Passionate bird-lover and zookeeper specializing in birds and reptiles. Sophie has a wealth of knowledge with bird husbandry.

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