Do Indian Ringnecks Talk? Socializing With Your Parakeet

Do Indian Ringnecks Talk? Socializing With Your Parakeet

Many animal lovers choose parrots for their pets because of their beautiful plumage. But more importantly, they select the parrot for its highly entertaining ability to talk. Listening to your pet utter random words and string together phrases to communicate with you is a very entertaining pass time.

If you are choosing a pet to bring home, it is ideal to find out first if the bird is capable of learning how to speak. Do Indian Ringnecks talk? Not all parrot species are capable of learning to talk so it is natural to wonder if the Indian Ringneck can be taught this skill. And the good news is that yes, most Indian Ringnecks can be taught how to talk.

Why Indian Ringnecks talk

According to The Nest, the Indian Parakeets are highly intelligent birds that can learn how to speak. This type of parrot can learn over 250 words. Exceptional pets can even learn more. The Indian Parakeet is an excellent choice if you want to bring home a pet that you can teach how to talk.

Parakeets mimic the sounds and words that they regularly hear. The more frequent they hear it, the more likely they’d imitate the sound. Most breeders suggest that you use teaching your pet how to talk as a bonding activity. That way, the task becomes not just a learning experience but also a fun interaction between you and the bird.

One way of ensuring that your pet bird hears you often are by keeping the cage in an area that you frequently pass by. Talk to your pet for a few seconds every time you get near its cage. Allow the bird to be part of your activity and home life.  

If the cage is in the living room, talk to the bird about your day and the program that you will watch on tv. If the cage is in the dining room, talk about how you are preparing your food and what it tastes like. Your pet will know that you enjoy hearing it talk. So, the more it talks, the more you will be motivated to spend time with it and vice versa.

Which Parakeet Learns Faster?

According to an article on The Spruce Pets, you can never be sure if your Indian Ringneck parakeet will be able to talk. However, some factors could increase its chances of mimicking sounds. For example, younger parakeets are better students. This is why getting a young bird and training it early will improve the odds of it speaking.

Indian Ringnecks usually begin talking when they are eight months to one year old. These birds are quick learners, especially during this period. You will need to socialize with your pet extensively during this short window so that you can maximize the chances of it learning as many words as possible.

Getting a young male parakeet will also improve your chances of adopting a bird that can speak. Male parakeets tend to learn more words faster. They have a better ability to mimic and vocalize. A reason for this is that talking is part of the courtship for this species. They attract potential mates by making these different sounds.

Prepare To Spend A Lot Of Time For Training

It can take days for a bird to learn a new word. Make learning functional by teaching your pet the names of the objects that it often encounters. For example, if you feed your bird nuts, hold the nuts in front of you and say, “nuts” before feeding the item to your pet.

You can proceed to teach the name of a different food item once your pet has mastered “nuts”. The bird will associate the words with the various snacks you give it. Soon, your pet will be able to ask for the food that it wants.

Teach it to learn the names of the objects around it by saying the name before allowing the bird to interact with it. For example, before letting it play on the sofa or the dining table, say the word “sofa” or “table” repeatedly.

Increase the training time by recording yourself and playing that recording when you are away from your pet. The training audio will let your pet hear your voice and teach it new words even when there is nobody around to play with it.

Teach Simple Words

When you start your training with your pet, it is best to have the bird stay in front of you. You can either set the bird on a table or a small stand. Having it stay in front will help the bird keep its attention on you.

Introduce simple words like your name, your pet's name, hello, and goodbye. Repeat the word several times during training. It is also ideal to use the words throughout the day. This will allow the bird to learn its sound.

You must keep the bird entertained during your training sessions. If you have your parakeet's attention, it will learn faster. You can try to use an unusual voice or speak in a higher octave to make it pay attention. Varying your voice will also work.

Don’t Forget To Give Your Pet A Reward

Once your bird begins to vocalize, reward it with a small treat. Even if it is just a chirp or whistle, make sure that you give your parakeet praises and small pieces of food. This will encourage your pet to make more sounds Eventually, those sounds could turn into words.

Treats and snacks can be given during the beginning of the training. As time goes on, gradually replace food rewards with other treats. You can choose to shower your pet after it learns how to say a particular word or phrase.

You can also give it head scratches or more physical contact during your one-on-one sessions. You can also provide it with its favorite toy or play together its favorite game.

Remember To Be Patient

Some birds are fast learners while others take a while to remember a particular word. Don't get annoyed when your pet doesn't pick up the words that you are saying immediately. Help your pet develop its language by listening to the words that it is trying to say. Repeat those words and wait for your pet to say them correctly.

For example, if your Indian Ringneck repeatedly says “arpo” instead of apple, correct it by saying the correct word repeatedly. Wait for your pet bird to say the correct word back to you and then reward it with a small snack. Do this over and over again until your pet finally says “apple” then move on to other words.


If you are looking for a bird that would fill your home with sound and words, you may wonder, “Do Indian Ringnecks talk?” And you will be happy to know that they do. Most parakeets learn to talk at an early age, and it is best to teach them many words during this period.

You can take different approaches to teach your bird how to speak. The most important thing to remember is that the training process takes a lot of time and patience. But, if you do spend that time with your pet, you will be rewarded with a talkative and joyful pet at home. 

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