What Kind Of Nest Do Parakeets Need? Choosing The Right One

Did you know that parakeets need a specific type of nest to lay their eggs in and not just to sleep in? It's one thing to purchase food and supplies for your bird, but it's also important to make sure they have an appropriate place to create new life. If you want them to stay healthy, happy, and active as they go about reproducing, it is essential that they have the correct home. 

In this post, we will help you learn what kind of nest your new feathered friend needs, whether you want to learn about parakeet sleeping habits or mating habits, we've covered it all. So buckle up because we're going on a journey exploring all the different types of nests out there.

What To Look For In A Good Parakeet Nest

A good nest for a parakeet should be large enough for the whole family. Both the mother hen and father parakeet are active once the eggs arrive so there needs to be enough space for your adult birds and all of their babies.

Choose a nest that has a deep interior and is made out of durable material like wood, with unfinished surfaces and lots of small nooks and crannies. Avoid materials containing chemicals or waxes that could harm your birds, like polyurethane insulation foam boards.

When decorating the nest, it is most important to put in natural nesting materials that your birds will recognize from their native habitats. These include things like grasses and small leaves. If you want to provide softness, put in some paper towels or an old t-shirt. As far as safety goes, the best material is pine needles for both the shell and the surrounding area.

Parakeets do best in an enclosed nest, so avoid those that are built on top of a wall, or have open sides.

Different types of nests

1. Nesting Box

What Kind Of Nest Do Parakeets Need? Choosing The Right OneWhat Kind Of Nest Do Parakeets Need? Choosing The Right One

The most common type of nest for a pet parakeet is a nesting box.

Nesting boxes are usually made out of wood; they can be simple or elaborate, pre-made or custom-made on your own.

You could also find one in a craft store or online at a pet supply site. The box needs to have some kind of ventilated lid and it should be lined with soft materials like paper towels, tissues, and even cat or dog fur if you happen to have some available.

Birds in the wild have been known to collect shedded animal fur and use it to line their nests, so if you have a furry friend, put it to good use!

The nesting box is the best option for a parakeet because it gives them something to build their home inside of, and there is less mess all over the place. When choosing a box, make sure it has plenty of room for your birdie clan.

The general rule is that you should be able to fit at least two fingers width between each egg; if not, then you should go with a larger box.

If this is the first nest for your birds, they may be reluctant to use it until you do some training. Some people have had luck placing a bright object inside of the nesting box or just a bit of spray millet will do.

2. Hanging Nest

What Kind Of Nest Do Parakeets Need? Choosing The Right OneWhat Kind Of Nest Do Parakeets Need? Choosing The Right One

A hanging nest is typical for a single parakeet.

These are usually made out of a small coconut shell and are natural and safe for your parakeet as well as environmentally friendly.

If you don't happen to have an empty coconut shell laying around the house, no worries! They are available on Amazon. Although, it would make a great DIY project. Save Our Green shows us how to make one quite easily here.

If you do choose to buy one, however, make sure it is made from a real coconut and also has an added perch or ladder, like this one, so your parakeet has an easy time getting in and out.

You might find that your parakeet does not sleep there immediately but will pop in and out of it to play or rest. This is normal and they may become more comfortable with it over time.

Open Nest

What Kind Of Nest Do Parakeets Need? Choosing The Right OneWhat Kind Of Nest Do Parakeets Need? Choosing The Right One

These resemble what you know a nest to be most and are crafted to mimic those you might typically see a parakeet build for themselves in the wild.

While they look cute, I would not typically recommend them due to the materials used.

They are mostly made using string or rope, and while they state that they have been reinforced and constructed in a safe way, I typically like to keep any string or thread materials out of the cage as they could pose a hazard if your parakeet manages to shred it!

With that being said, there are ones made with other, safer materials, such as wicker. These would make for a better option.

How Do Parakeets Nest In The Wild?

In the wild, parakeets build their nests in tree cavities. The nest is usually made from leaves and grasses with sticks placed upon it as support. Most parrot breeds build their nests in this way, so it comes as no surprise that the parakeet does also.

Tree cavities tend to offer the parakeet much-needed protection from predators, as well as some shelter from the sun, rain, and other elements that could harm them.

Some parakeets also choose to build their nests on top of a wall or fence; this is usually due to the lack of tree cavities, but they still typically like to have some sort of structure for protection against predators and bad weather.

Where To Find The Right Type Of Nest?

Finding the right nest for your parakeet can be a bit tricky. There are many different types, but hopefully, this article has been helpful in your decision of which nest is best for you and your parakeet.

All of the nests listed are available on Amazon with multiple variations, you can also check our shop page for our most recommended products.

If you would rather try before you buy, visit your local pet store. One which sells birds and birdcages will more than likely also sell nest substrate and nest boxes. You might even find options that are not yet available online.

How To Make Your Own Parakeet's Nest

If you cannot find a nest you like or would prefer to make your own parakeet's nest, this article on Wiki How shows you how to make a simple nest that mimics ones you might find in the wild.

The best part is that it can be made with local, natural scavenged materials. Just be sure to thoroughly wash any materials you find outdoors as they may contain or have been exposed to things that are toxic to parakeets.

The Importance Of A Comfortable, Safe, Well-designed Home For Your Birds

Making sure your bird has a comfortable, safe place to sleep is crucial for their health and well-being.

Birds that do not have access to a cozy nest or area can suffer from feather picking, increased anxiety, and other physical and mental problems. 


Finding the right type of nest for your bird can be a daunting task. There are many different types to choose from and it’s not always apparent what is best, so we hope these tips will help you in making an informed decision about which one to get.

Fortunately, when it comes down to finding the perfect home for your feathered friend, there are plenty of options available that will suit any budget or preference! 

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