Do Parakeets Bite? 7 Reasons Your Parakeet Is Biting & How To Stop It.

Parakeets do not have teeth, so why do they bite?

Parakeets do bite but they do not usually bite their owners on purpose.

And as you may or may not have experienced, a parakeet bite doesn't hurt and feels like a little peck or nip.

In any case, if your parakeet has started biting out of nowhere or for no apparent reason, there could be something wrong. In this post, we will discuss what might cause your parakeet to start biting and how you can stop it from happening again.

Why Has My Parakeet Started Biting Me All Of A Sudden?

Some possible reasons…

1) Your Parakeet Bites Due To Lack Of Attention.

If you do not provide enough interaction with your parakeet, they may start biting as a way to get attention and playtime. Parakeets need a lot of attention, so it could be that your parakeet is feeling neglected and wants more of your time.

Parakeets are smart animals who need stimulation in order to live a long life without degenerating mentally or developing behavioral problems such as biting.

2) Your Parakeet Feels Scared Or Threatened.

It could also be that the bird feels threatened by you in some way – perhaps it has been taught to fear humans as a result of past trauma, for example. If this is the case, your parakeet will need to learn to trust humans again.

3) Discomfort Is Causing Your Parakeet To Bite.

Another possibility is that your parakeet has an injury or medical condition, such as an infection or vitamin deficiency. This can cause them to bite out of discomfort and frustration with their illness.

4) Training Your Parakeet With A Gloved-Hand.

If you have been training your parakeet with a gloved hand, you may have noticed he has started biting you. Parakeets do not like the feeling of the fabric on their skin, or to be handled with a gloved hand so do not wear gloves when training the bird.

5) Over-Stimulation From Humans

If your parakeet is biting because it could be that he has been handled too much as a chick, you will need to retrain him. His bites are attempting to tell you he needs time out and away from human contact in order to recover his mental health.

6) Too Much Handling Is Making Him Bite

Likewise, if you have been handling your bird for extended periods of time without giving him breaks, he may start biting you out of protest because he doesn't want to be handled anymore.

7) Parakeet Aggression Resulting In Biting

Parakeets can be territorial and may bite to defend their territory. If you have recently gotten a new bird but have not taken the steps to introduce them slowly, he may be biting out of aggression.

How Do I Stop My Parakeet From Biting Me?

Now that we know some of the possible causes of your parakeet biting you, there are some measures you can take to stop it from happening.

Get a second bird.

Your parakeet might be lonely and acting out if you are not spending a lot of time socializing with him. Parakeets are social animals and need to be in a flock, so make sure, if you cannot spend time with him yourself, you get another bird and keep at least two.

Be sure to introduce them properly to give them time to get acquainted. You do not need to get another of the same breed, however. In fact, parakeets and cockatiels get along very well.

Make sure your parakeet has enough space to fly around.

You may or may not know this, but a bird is designed to fly! If your parakeet is never let out of his cage and is unable to stretch his wings, he will become agitated. This may be why he has suddenly started biting you.

Offer him a place for flight in your home or outside with a bird perch and harness! You will need a harness suitable for small birds like the one below.

The Aviator Parakeet Harness & Leash comes in the size XXXS which is perfect for parakeets. It also comes in seven different colors.

In addition, they offer guaranteed fit and free replacement if you accidentally chose the wrong size.

Have your parakeet seen by a vet.

As mentioned above, your parakeet could be biting due to injury or illness. It is important that he be examined by a veterinarian to rule out any underlying problems.

Earn Your Parakeets Trust

If your parakeet has started biting out of over-stimulation or trauma, you will need to slowly earn his trust again. Place your open palm on the perch and do not move it for a few minutes before petting him or putting him back in his cage. You can also offer treats as an incentive to show that you're trustworthy!

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