Do Parakeets Need Mineral Blocks? Everything You Need To Know.

It is not uncommon for pet owners to want to do everything they can for their animals. That being said, the question of whether or not parakeets need mineral blocks has been raised by many people and deserves an answer. In this post we will discuss what a mineral block is, why it may be necessary for your parakeet's health and if you should consider adding one to your bird's diet.

Do parakeets need mineral blocks? The answer is yes, they do. 

But what are mineral blocks, exactly?

Mineral blocks are food supplements that come in the form of a block and is a specially designed food that contains calcium, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.

They are often used to supplement diets for animals such as parakeets that require extra care or who live in an environment where they do not have access to certain minerals or vitamins.

Some birds, like those found in the genus Psittacula, require supplementation for their overall good health.

Do Parakeets Need Mineral Blocks? Everything You Need To Know.Do Parakeets Need Mineral Blocks? Everything You Need To Know.

Why Should I Feed My Parakeet A Mineral Block?

If you want to make sure that your parakeet has access to all of the nutrients and vitamins it needs, a mineral block is one way you can do this.

The good thing about these blocks is they are specially made for birds so the ingredients are tailored specifically for them. This means that there's no worry about overdosing or giving your bird too many calories because everything in the nutritional profile caters to their dietary needs and requirements.

How Do I Give Mineral Blocks To My Parakeet?

Parakeets will typically eat these blocks out of their cage since the texture is designed for them. You can also feed your parakeet by putting it on a perch or in its food bowl.

Should I Give My Bird Mineral Blocks All Day?

Yes. The mineral block will need to be left in your parakeet's cage or hung there so it can peck at it while perched. It will also use the mineral block to groom it's beak throughout the day.

Even if you're not going to be giving your parakeet any other type of supplements like vitamin drops, this still has plenty of minerals and nutrients that are necessary for maintaining health and vitality. If there's no other dietary supplement being given at another time during the day then just leave the mineral block somewhere your bird can reach it so they don't miss out on an important part of their diet.

Are There Any Side Effects of Feeding Your Parakeet a Mineral Block?

It's unlikely that you'll notice any side effects from your bird eating a mineral block. If it does start to show signs of illness, then see the vet right away!

How Much Do Mineral Blocks Cost?

You can find these at some pet stores or online for a few dollars and sometimes cheaper if purchased in bulk which is always handy when stocking up on something important like this.

For a few dollars, you're giving your parakeet a huge nutrient boost to ensure they are the healthiest they can be. We have listed some of our favorite mineral block brands below:

Zoo Med Laboratories Bird Banquet Fruit Mineral Blocks, Small (3 Pack)

Do Parakeets Need Mineral Blocks? Everything You Need To Know.Do Parakeets Need Mineral Blocks? Everything You Need To Know.

Zoo Med Laboratories Bird Banquet Vegetable Mineral Block, Small (3 Pack)

Do Parakeets Need Mineral Blocks? Everything You Need To Know.Do Parakeets Need Mineral Blocks? Everything You Need To Know.

It's not just economical either because there are other benefits too; birds with mineral blocks tend to be healthier overall and live longer lives without many complications related to diet.

What Is The Best Way To Store Mineral Blocks So They Don't Go Bad?

Mineral blocks do not need to be refrigerated and can stay in the pantry indefinitely.


As you can see, mineral blocks are a great way to make sure your parakeet is receiving the essential vitamins and minerals it needs. We recommend buying a few in bulk and leaving it in your parakeet's cage. Remember that they should not be used in place of an entire meal and your parakeet should still be eating nutritious food! Can you imagine only eating vitamins and no actual food?

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