What Is Spray Millet And Is It Good For Parakeets To Eat Daily?

What Is Spray Millet And Is It Good For Parakeets To Eat Daily?

What Is Spray Millet? Spray millet (or millet spray) is a type of cereal grain that is grown in many parts of the world and is often used as a treat for parakeets and other small birds.

It is very high in protein, carbs, and calcium but relatively low in fat, especially in comparison to sunflower or safflower seeds which birds tend to enjoy and are included in most birdseed mixes.

Is Spray Millet Good For Parakeets?

If you are a parakeet owner and want to know if spray millet is good for your bird, the answer is yes! But as with everything, in moderation. Some people feed their parakeet spray millet every day because they believe it is good for them. 

However, quite like mineral blocks, spray millet should still be viewed as a supplement to other food, and your parakeet should still be eating a balanced diet of seed mix, fruit, and vegetables.

Parakeets are natural foragers. Whether they're pecking at the ground or harvesting their own seed, birds usually spend their lives sourcing food. This is precisely what Spray Millet aims to emulate by giving your bird a smaller stalk of millet that needs to be dehulled and harvested for better nutritional purposes.

millet spray eating parakeet

The main advantages which make spray millet suitable for parakeets include:

– Low in fat and high in protein, it is an optimal treat for parakeets during molting or breeding season.

– Spray millet is a highly alkaline carbohydrate; this makes it easier for your parakeet to digest.

– Millet has more than 30% mineral content, including phosphorus, calcium, niacin, and iron.

Another huge benefit to bird-owners is that spray millet is very easy to grow, so even people who are not skilled gardeners can grow and have a fresh supply for their feathered friends.

As spray millet is not high in fat, it is also good if you are trying to reduce your bird's intake of fatty foods.

Should Your Parakeets Eat Spray Millet Every Day?

Spray millet is a treat and thus is not a good idea for parakeets to eat it every day. The fat content lower than other treats but it is still the main concern, but is also the reason why spray millet is good as an occasional treat or food type.

It is important that your parakeets are eating their vegetables and other more nutritious foods on a daily basis.

Which Millet Is Best For Parakeets? Spray Millet Vs. White Millet Seed Vs. Red Millet Seed

white millet

There are two types of millet that are often used for parakeets. The first is white millet (white proso millet seed), and the second is red millet. These are general feeds and not quite the same as spray millet. Again, spray millet is more of a treat for your bird, like popcorn!

White Millet: White millet is very small in size but is an excellent source of protein which helps to build strong muscles or bones as well as helping with weight control because it contains less fat than other types of grains or seeds.

Red Millet: Red millet is a very popular type of bird food because it is high in iron and calcium.

White proso millet is more popular with most parakeets as they enjoy the sweetness and protein found in it.

Where To Buy Spray Millet

You can find parakeet spray millet at any large pet store or specialty bird food stores.

What Is Spray Millet And Is It Good For Parakeets To Eat Daily?What Is Spray Millet And Is It Good For Parakeets To Eat Daily?

Spray Millet is also available online; we have shared our favorite, organic spray millet for you.

It is important to always buy a good quality millet spray as you do not want to buy anything which has been sprayed with toxic chemicals. Nemeth Farms specializes in Non-GMO spray and does 25lb and 5lb batches.

There are many chemicals that are toxic to parakeets so keep that in mind and always buy it organic when possible.

How Do I Feed My Bird Spray Millet?

You can hang the spray millet in your bird's cage so they can forage as they would do in the wild.

Another way to feed your parakeet spray millet is to germinate it.

  • You should germinate it for no less than 24 hours.
  • Cover with clean water.
  • Change the water 4-5 times within the 24 hours.
  • The seeds will sprout if the spray is kept damp but not soaking for a couple of days.
  • This process changes the fat-sugar-carbohydrate content of the stored dry seed, making it even healthier once the birds get used to eating it soft.

Do I Need A Spray Millet Holder To Feed My Parakeet?

A spray millet holder is not necessary to feed your parakeet spray millet but is often a useful accessory.

A holder is great if you have more than one bird and want them all to get their own food without squabbling or fighting with each other for it!

You can buy a spray millet holder quite inexpensively on Amazon.

What Is Spray Millet And Is It Good For Parakeets To Eat Daily?What Is Spray Millet And Is It Good For Parakeets To Eat Daily?

Just be mindful that the way some spray millet holders are designed, if place in the wrong way, your parakeet could get its head trapped. I have known of at least a few cases where parakeets have died due to this.

How To Hang Spray Millet

You can hang spray millet using a spray millet holder or simply use a piece of string, ribbon, or cable ties. The millet spray comes as a bunch tied together so you can loop the ribbon, string, or cable tie through the bound area to hang it in the case.

You can see how to hang it using cable ties in the video below. You will also notice it is pretty messy, so this video will give you an idea of how to make it accessible for your parakeets (and not too much hassle for you to clean up!)

The spray millet should be hung securely and within reach of your parakeet but not too low. You can always fiddle around with the perches in your cage to discover the best and most comfortable distance for your bird.

Many bird owners have trouble with hanging their spray millet as it always falls to the bottom of the cage. If you find this is the case for you, then you can save yourself the hassle and just buy a holder! I guess that is the reason why they made them!

How To Store Spray Millet

Millet spray can easily be stored in a cool environment with no trouble, it does not attract bugs or unwanted pests however, other small animals do also enjoy this treat so keep it stored away from the open.

How To Grow Your Own Spray Millet

If you keep a few parakeets, it might be helpful to grow your own supply of spray millet at home and save money. Luckily, spray millet is a straightforward crop to grow.

To grow your own supply of spray millet:

  • Fill a two-liter container with soil and sow seed sparsely at the top.
  • Plant it outside or place it on a sunny windowsill indoors.
  • Water regularly until you see sprouts appear from the seeds.
  • Allow the plant to mature by harvesting when plants are about 20 cm high.

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