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Keeping Indian Ringneck Parakeets As Pets: Ringneck Owner’s Guide

Many people choose the Indian ringneck parakeet as a pet because of its magnificent coloring and social nature. These birds…

Can Parakeets See In The Dark? Interesting Facts About Parakeet Vision

The word “budgie” is derived from an Australian aboriginal word that translates to “good food”. No wonder our little parakeet…

What Do Monk Parakeets Eat? The 5 Staples In Their Diets

An unhealthy diet can lead to a host of health problems in captive birds, especially those who are not used…

What Kind Of Nest Do Parakeets Need? Choosing The Right One

Did you know that parakeets need a specific type of nest to lay their eggs in and not just to…

My Parakeet Is Not Eating Or Drinking, What Should I Do?

Just like all birds, parakeets need to consume adequate food and water to remain alive and healthy. If your parakeet is…

Is My Parakeet Pregnant Or Sick?

So, your parakeet is acting a little different, and you might be wondering if your parakeet is sick or pregnant.…

Can Parakeets Eat Cherries? Nutritional Information & Dangers

Cherries can be a delicious and healthy treat for humans, but can parakeets eat cherries? Many pet owners have asked…

My Parakeet Laid An Egg On The Cage Floor

Bird owners can get a big surprise when they arise to find their parakeet has laid an egg, and it…

Wing Clipping Your Parakeet: Everything You Need To Know

Many pet owners are unsure of if they should clip their parakeet's wings. There are a lot of benefits that…

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