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Why It Is Illegal To Own A Monk Parakeet (Quaker Parrot) In These States!

In this post, we will discuss why it is illegal to own a monk parakeet in some places. Monk Parakeets,…

Why Is My Parakeet Shedding Feathers? 

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How To Keep A Parakeet Warm

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How To Tell The Age Of A Parakeet: Use These Tips To Find Out!

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Why Do Parakeets Bob Their Heads?

If you’ve recently brought home a budgie or any other parakeets, you may already have noticed that this bird has…

Why Is My Parakeet Squawking? What Does It Mean?

The sound of your parakeet squawking is not the most soothing noise to hear, particularly in the middle of the…

Do Birds Help With Anxiety

In this article we will be answering the question, ‘Do birds help with anxiety?' and breaking it down for you.…

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