Why Does My Parakeet Hang Upside Down?

Why Does My Parakeet Hang Upside Down?

Parakeets exhibit numerous odd quirks that make them very entertaining as pets. One of those quirks is their tendency to hang upside down in their cages. If you’ve noticed this behavior from your new pet, you probably are wondering, “Why does my parakeet hang upside down?” Don’t be alarmed. This is a natural behavior for this type of bird.

Hanging upside down while sleeping

While it may seem like an uncomfortable position for humans, hanging upside down is an instinct for birds such as the parakeet. These birds are often preyed upon by bigger birds and other large animals. This is why parakeets have learned to roost in high locations and try to hide under branches.

In the wild, this particular sleeping position ensures that the parakeet is safe from any ground predators. It also shields the bird from the sight of any larger predator flying above. 

This adaptation has been hardwired into the parakeet’s system, and even those that are bred as pets still exhibit this behavior. The pet parakeet will still try to seek higher locations in its cage when it wants to sleep.

What should the bird owner do?

As a new bird owner, the only thing that you should do is observe your pet closely. According to WikiHow, when your parakeet chooses to hang upside down in your presence, it means that it is happy that you are there. The bird feels safe enough to show itself in a vulnerable position in your presence. 

You can encourage this behavior by interacting with your pet more whenever it does this action. Additionally, you can provide your pet with lots of places to hang upside down. Having several stands and swings in its cage will not only keep your parakeet entertained, but will also encourage them to move.

When should you be concerned?

If you believe that your pet parakeet is spending too much time hanging upside down, then it is ideal to observe your pet first. Is it spending more time hanging upside down now than before? Check also if this odd behavior is accompanied by other signs of health issues. As long as everything else is normal, you don’t have to rush to the clinic.

However, if hanging upside down for long periods is accompanied by a loss of appetite and other unusual behaviors, it is advisable to contact an avian clinic for a check-up. It is always best to rule out any health problems if you are unsure about any odd behaviors.


If you are worried and are asking yourself, “Why does my parakeet hang upside down?” I hope this article has put your mind at ease. This behavior is normal for this type of bird. If your pet parakeet enjoys hanging upside down, particularly in your presence, it could mean that it trusts you and feels safe in your company.

When the parakeet chooses this position for sleeping, don't disturb it. It does not feel any discomfort being upside down. This behavior is hardwired into its system to keep it safe from any predator. Just observe your parakeet. You will only need to consult a veterinarian when the behavior is accompanied by other symptoms of illnesses. 

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