Why Do Parakeets Like Mirrors And Why Does Your Bird Need One?

Parakeets are known for being beautiful and charismatic creatures. One of the most popular things that parakeets love to do is stare at themselves in mirrors!

They often spend hours a day just sitting in front of their mirror, watching themselves fly around and eat seeds.

A mirror is often one of the first purchases that new parakeet owners make because it makes their bird so happy! This is because parakeets see their reflections as other birds of their species! 

In this post, we will talk more about why parakeets like mirrors so much, frequently asked questions about parakeets and mirrors, and how you can keep your bird entertained with one.

Why Do Parakeets Like Mirrors?

1) They are not alone.

As mentioned above, parakeets love seeing their reflection in the mirror. As smart as these little creatures are, they still believe that their reflection is another bird! Because birds are very social creatures, it makes them happy to think that they have other birds to hang out with and they are not alone.

2) They can play with themselves.

Buying a mirror for your parakeet is like buying any other toy; they love to play and can often play with themselves in the mirror endlessly.

3) Because they are bright and colorful.

Parakeets come in many beautiful colors, bright green to vibrant blue. It is not surprising that these colorful birds love to see themselves in the mirror! Just imagine, you have seen your bird and its impressive colors, and you love to look at it.

However, he has never seen himself. Every time he catches a glimpse of himself, he will be excited.

4) Curiosity.

Parakeets have a natural curiosity that is never satisfied. They are always on the lookout for something new and different to do. For a parakeet, the mirror provides an entirely new playing field with limitless possibilities!

What If My Parakeet Attacks The Mirror?

It is a well-known fact that sometimes parakeets do not get along with other birds. So, you may be wondering what if he assumes the mirror is another bird, doesn't like him, and starts attacking him? If you are worried about your parakeet becoming aggressive because of a mirror, then don't be! This is unlikely to happen. Parakeets usually don't react with violence unless they are threatened or startled in some way.

Additionally, a lot of birds will become more social and less aggressive when they have access to a mirror. In any case, if this doesn't work for you or your bird, try placing the mirror further away from it or outside of the cage; he will get used to it… eventually!

What Are Some Good Mirror Options?

If you are concerned about putting a normal mirror into your birdcage for fear it might crack or pose a risk to your bird, there are mirrors designed specifically for bird cages. The best parakeet mirror will be one that has an easy-to-clean surface and a frame that is strong enough to withstand a bird's clawing and chewing.

Some good parakeet mirrors are made of Plexiglass, acrylic, or stainless steel. The best options have been specially designed with beveled edges that prevent your pet from hurting themselves on the corners; they also need to be corrosion-resistant so they will last longer than other types of mirrors.

You should never put a mirror in your birdcage if it has sharp edges since this could become hazardous to your parakeet if it falls on or pecks at it.

Parakeets will love mirrors that have a surface area of 12 inches or more because it helps them to see all of their feathers at once and recognize themselves. Birds also like to do many things in front of the mirror, including preening themselves and watching others while they eat. They may even watch television or engage in various other activities from time to time!

Below are some of our best picks for parakeet mirrors:

Stainless Steel Parakeet Mirrors

Colorday Large Stainless Steel Bird Mirror

Stainless Steel Parakeet Mirror With Perch

Plexiglass & Acrylic Parakeet Mirrors

12″ Mirrored Acrylic Lucite Plexiglass

Adhesive Round Plexiglass Parakeet Mirror

Hanging Parakeet Cage Mirrors

Hanging Bird Mirror with Bell
(2 Pack)

Natural Wood Parakeet Cage Mirror

I Have Heard That Mirrors Are Bad For Parakeets. Is This True?

You may have heard about birds becoming obsessed with their mirror or thinking it is an actual bird. This is not necessarily a bad thing!

In fact, it can be a very good thing! Especially if you do not intend on buying a companion for your bird. They can get very lonely while you are out at work or away for a weekend; if you are not going to buy a second bird, then a mirror is an excellent alternative. It will give them company and provide the necessary stimulus for a healthy mind!

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