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What Is Spray Millet And Is It Good For Parakeets To Eat Daily?

What Is Spray Millet? Spray millet (or millet spray) is a type of cereal grain that is grown in many…

Do Parakeets Need A Friend?

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Help! My Parakeet Died Suddenly. What Could Have Caused This?

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When you bring home a new parakeet, you need to know how to care for them properly. There are many…

“My Parakeet Hates Me” – 10 Ways To Make Your Parakeet Like You More

If a few weeks have passed and you feel like you are not bonding well with your new parakeet, you…

Why Do Parakeets Like Mirrors And Why Does Your Bird Need One?

Parakeets are known for being beautiful and charismatic creatures. One of the most popular things that parakeets love to do…

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