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Can Parakeets Fly Around the House?

Can they do that? Can parakeets fly around the house or not? This is a question that many people ask.…

Are Humidifiers Safe for Parakeets?

Humidifiers are a great way to keep parakeets healthy and happy, but are they safe for parakeets? There is some…

Can Parakeets Eat Sesame Seeds?

 Yes, parakeets can eat sesame seeds! Parakeets typically eat a variety of seeds and fruits as well as pellets. Seeds…

Parakeet Care: What Is The Best Temperature For A Parakeet?

Do you know what temperature parakeets like? It is important to know because parakeets can either be too cold or…

Parakeet Ceres: Cere Color Change, Growth and Common Problems

In this post, we cover the change in color for the cere in parakeets as well as common problems that…

What Do Parakeets Eat in the Wild? 12 Foods That Parakeets Eat in the Wild!

Many new owners wonder what parakeets eat in the wild, if you can relate, read on! Many parakeet owners seek…

Do Parakeets Molt? All Of Your Molting Questions Answered.

Many parakeet owners are curious about molting and want to know more about it but don't know where to look…

At What Age Do Parakeets Lay Eggs?

If you are the proud owner of a pair of parakeets and planning on breeding them in the near future,…

Can Female Parakeets Talk? Training, Activities, and Abilities

Can female parakeets talk? Can they be trained to talk? Can they mimic human speech and make a variety of…

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