Can Parakeets Eat Crackers?

Can Parakeets Eat Crackers? Be Careful, You May Not Know This!

Parakeets can eat crackers, but crackers shouldn't be part of their diet as they don't add any nutritional value. Ideally, they should feed on diets rich in natural foods, including grasses, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and specially formulated pellets. 

Crackers may also contain ingredients that could potentially be toxic to parakeets, especially in the long term when eaten frequently. They should therefore be avoided whenever possible or given in tiny quantities. 

While salt-free crackers may not be as bad as salted ones, crackers, in general, aren't the best snack for your parakeet.

Nutritional Information For Crackers

Calories9.5 kcal
Total Fat 1.1g
Cholesterol 0mg0mg
Sodium 29mg
Total Carbohydrates 2.5g2.5g
Dietary Fiber 0.1g
Sugars 0.3g
Vitamin A0.0%

Benefits Of Crackers For Parakeets

Crackers offer zero nutritional value to parakeets. They only add empty calories, which makes the parakeets feel full. They also contain carbohydrates and, in some cases, sugar, which can give your parakeet energy.

How Much Crackers Can Parakeets Eat?

Parakeets should eat small quantities of crackers or none at all, if possible. 

How To Feed Crackers To Your Parakeet?

Crackers should not be fed to parakeets regularly. Sugar and salt-free crackers may be given as a rare treat and in very small quantities. They should be given alongside drinking water as they may cause thirst.

Can Parakeets Eat Crackers?

Are There Any Dangers To Feeding Crackers To Parakeets?

Experts believe that the salt in crackers has a disruptive effect on the parakeet's body. Salt can affect electrolyte and water balance in your parakeet's tiny body, resulting in polydipsia(excessive thirst), dehydration, kidney failure due to excessive production of uric acid, and possibly death. 

Excess sodium found in crackers can also lead to parakeets developing musculoskeletal problems. Some of the symptoms include twitching, tremors, losing balance, and seizures which can be fatal.

Crackers are also dangerous as they can trick your parakeet into feeling full. This means that your bird will not feel the need to eat anymore. Given the lack of nutrients in crackers, your parakeet is bound to suffer from nutritional deficiencies. This can result in poor growth and development and potentially death.

Crackers also contain oils, sugar, flour, and salt, making it very easy for parakeets to gain excess weight. This can pose numerous health problems such as fatty liver disease and heart problems.

Crackers are processed foods and may contain other ingredients such as preservatives which may be harmful to the health of your parakeet.


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