Do Birds Help With Anxiety

Do Birds Help With Anxiety

In this article we will be answering the question, ‘Do birds help with anxiety?' and breaking it down for you. We will also explore how pet birds, such as parakeets and other companion birds might help reduce stress levels.

To answer the question, yes, birds do help with anxiety. It turns out that there are a few different explanations for why birds have been shown to help with anxiety. For some, it's the company of an animal that they can love and care for in a way that isn't possible for humans, while others find that the art of bird-watching can offer a calming effect during times of high stress.

Studies show that people who watch birds are less likely to suffer from anxiety and that people who live in areas with a lot of birds are less likely to suffer from depression.

How Can Getting A Pet Bird Help With Anxiety?

A pet bird can be a great thing for you, if you have anxiety. Birds are generally playful and they keep us entertained.

However, the benefits of owning a pet bird will depend on how much time you spend with the animal, and your mood while spending this time.

For example, it's important to use supportive coping skills when interacting with the bird – e.g., taking deep breaths, practicing self-compassion and mindfulness exercises like yoga or meditation while at home, speaking to yourself compassionately as you would if you were speaking to someone else who was dealing with anxiety.

Being mindful about how we treat ourselves is fundamental to releasing our anxieties into manageable steps.

Birds Are Not (as) Demanding

While pets in general help people deal with anxiety, some pets are more overwhelming than others.

For example, fish are much less demanding than dogs. This can be an advantage because owners who struggle with anxiety often have a hard time caring for pets as complicated as dogs. Birds, on the other hand, are low maintenance – you don't need to feed them every few hours and take them for a walk in order to alleviate their boredom.

Companion birds still require your attention and affection. Pet birds that are owned by someone with anxiety can certainly act as a source of comfort, but you should also strive to maintain your daily routine by doing things other than spending time with the bird (such as keeping up with work and seeing friends). This way, you will always have something to look forward to when you come home from work.

Caring for an animal is a great way to reward yourself and to practice positive self-care.

Talking To Your Bird Relievs Stress

Talking to a bird can help you feel better and relieve stress. When your day has been stressful, talking to a companion bird is a great way to relax and destress in the moment.

It can be even more rewarding if they begin to mimic what you say. As any parrot owner can tell you, birds love to mimic their owners' speech patterns and they are especially curious about what we have to say!

So if you're feeling anxious or angry, talk it out with your pet bird.

Some Other Ways Of Coping With Anxiety

If you're interested in other ways to cope with anxiety, consider trying out some of the following tips:

–           Breathing exercises (here)  ( here )

–           Yoga

–           Tai Chi

–           Meditation

–           Deep Pressure Therapy

–           Walking/having a walk in the park

–           Massage therapy  (or with Hot stone, Swedish or deep tissue massages )

–             Acupuncture

–           Reiki  and many other alternative methods of healing.


Getting a pet bird can be an excellent way to help someone who suffers from anxiety. Is there anyone you know who could benefit from this information? Share it with them! You never know how much of a difference your words will make in their life.

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