Parakeet Toys & Items


Perches provide a surface for your parakeet's feet to grip when it lands. Providing a variety of perches (usually made of natural materials such as wood) offers crucial climbing and gripping challenges that are fundamental to good physical health in birds.

Cuttlebone Calcium Perch

7 Pack Rough Textured Grinding Perches

Bungee Rope Perch

Pack of 10 Natural Wood Perches

Hanging Cage Toys & Foraging Toys

Foraging toys for birds are designed to help birds use their natural instincts as hunters and foragers while also stimulating new behaviors. Foraging toys are designed to help birds explore. The material of the toy and the shape can both affect how well a bird sticks with it. Birds will look for things to peck at, pull, and shred. Be sure to offer toys that have been made from durable materials and ones that have plenty of items for them to poke around in and get under.

Pack of 4 Shredding/Foraging Toys

12 Pack Hanging Cage Toys

Pack of 7 Bird Swing & Hanging Toys

Natural Wood Coconut Birdhouse & Hanging Toys

Cuttlefish Bones & Mineral Blocks

Cuttlefish and mineral blocks are great for beak conditioning. We have written a post all about them here.

Pack of 2 – 4″ Birds Love Cuttlefish Bone

Pack of 6 Mango & Banana Cuttlefish Bone

Parakeet Playgrounds

Parakeet playgrounds or play gyms are elevated structures that have feeders, water dishes, perches, and swings. These are great for when you let your bird out of its cage so it has a designated spot to perch.

Natural Living Wood Playground

Wooden Play Stand With Feeding Cups

Natural Wood Outside of Cage Play Gym

Parakeet Playground With Nesting Box

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