How To Make A Parakeet Trust You – 8 Bonding Tips

In an article, we will cover the topic of how to make a parakeet trust you. We'll go over 8 practical bonding tips for new parakeet owners that can help you create a strong relationship with your parakeet and make it trust you. These easy ways don't cost anything for those who are interested in bonding and creating a long-term relationship with their parakeet

How To Make A Parakeet Trust You

1. Provide a safe, warm, clean environment for the parakeet to live in.

Provide a safe, warm, clean environment for the parakeet to live in. This will show your parakeet that you are providing for their needs and taking care of them.

A happy parakeet is one that will not want to escape to find a new home and rather, will want to spend more time perched on your finger or shoulder before returning to his nice, clean and safe cage.

Read up on how to clean a parakeet cage properly to keep him happy.

2. Talk to your parakeet every day in a friendly voice and always use its name.

I am sure one of the first things you did when you got your bird, was give it a name! Be sure to call it by its name frequently, in a soft and friendly voice. Your parakeet will get used to the sound and associate it with positive things like enjoying time with you!

3. Allow your bird to fly around freely without being confined or restrained.

If you have not clipped your parakeet's wings, let him fly around your home. Your parakeet will be able to explore its environment more freely and get some much-needed exercise!

This is also a great way to introduce it to new items in the house or room that may make them curious about new things, which shows that you are a trustworthy person and that they are safe in your company.

Your bird will always be happy to return to its cage if it knows it has freedom outside of it also.

4. Hand-feed your parakeet often.

You should hand-feed your parakeet from the day you get it as a baby bird to ensure it is hand-tamed. You do this by putting a small amount of birdseed into your palm or the palms of both hands. Your parakeet will not fear your hands and will associate them with its survival: food!

Parakeets that are hand-fed grow up trusting their owner and will not become afraid when they are handled.

5. Feed your parakeet treats from your hand.

Similar to hand-feeding seeds, you should hand-feed healthy treats such as fruit or spray millet. If you hold the spray millet between your thumb and forefinger, your parakeet will walk onto your finger to take the treat from you. This shows that it has trust in you and is very comfortable around you. If your bird does not walk up to eat, try moving the food closer or waiting until it returns to its cage before approaching again.

Do not keep forcing the treat in its face, however. Just attempt the gesture frequently until your bird trusts your hand and intentions.

6. Ensure your bird has plenty of toys.

Parakeets love a variety of colorful, interesting toys. You can get these from any pet store or make your own out of wood and rope to keep them busy!

Birds need stimulation in a way different than dogs, cats, or even humans. It is important that they have access to lots of fun and new things to explore in their environment so that you are not the only person they look at for entertainment and fun. Providing your parakeet with toys that can move, squeak, or have bells inside will also help him stay active and interested in things!

7. Cover the cage at night.

Birds need 10-12 hours of sleep. Covering your bird's cage at night ensures that he will get some solid hours in pure darkness to rest up. It will also prevent him from resting on his perch all day.

Additionally, imagine you do not get a good night's sleep; are you likely to be friendly the next morning or a bit impatient or grumpy?

8. Teach it tricks to keep its mind active 

Teaching your bird tricks also means you are spending quality time, socializing with it, and bonding with your pet.

Try teaching your parakeet some new tricks. 10 or so quick commands that will take 10-15 minutes to teach will be useful for you in the future.

Leading up to training, make sure your bird is just a little bit hungry so that he/she is motivated to work for food! You could remove the food dish momentarily, do 15 minutes of training using a treat and then put the food back.


How To Make A Parakeet Trust You - 8 Bonding Tips

When it comes to bonding with your parakeet, there are a number of easy and inexpensive ways you can show them how much you care.

The 8 tips in this article should get the ball rolling on how to make your home feel more like a safe haven for your bird!

If these ideas don't seem quite right for you or if they need some tweaking, we have plenty more advice that will help create a lasting bond with your feathered friend.

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