"Can Parakeets Eat Bread?"

Can Parakeets Eat Bread? I Bet You Didn’t Know This…

Bread is one of the most popular foods in the world. In fact, from breakfast to dinner, bread can be found on almost every table and is a staple in many households. So it's no surprise that many people have wondered if parakeets can eat bread too!

Parakeets are small birds that weigh about two ounces and don't usually exceed six inches in length. They like to eat seeds, fruits, vegetables, and even some types of nuts for a healthy diet. But what about bread? Can they eat it? The short answer is yes!

But you want the long answer, don't you? No problem, read on!

Bread Is People Food.

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Parakeets have been known to try things we eat, and in many cases, they may not make them feel very well. Bread is people food. Parakeets are not used to the high-carbohydrate grains found in bread, so they may experience discomfort or diarrhea when given too much of this type of food. If you feed your bird bread as part of their diet, monitor them for signs that indicate intolerance and reduce the amount if necessary.

You are probably thinking, ‘if the above is true, then why is the answer to “can parakeets eat bread?”, “yes”?'.

The fact is, bread is a carb-rich food, so it's important to only feed your parakeet in moderation.

With that being said, your parakeet can still eat and enjoy bread, but the key here is moderation.


However, if you want your parakeet to live the longest and healthiest life possible, it is best to avoid any bread consumption.

But don't worry! There are plenty of other foods that you can give your parakeet instead; this post will help you with that.

What Should I Do If My Parakeet Eats Too Much Bread?

If your parakeet eats too much bread, the first thing you should do is to call a vet. If it has been more than 24 hours since they have eaten any food, this could be an emergency.

The best way to tell if their stomach is full of air or something else that will not digest properly is to put them on their back and gently examine the stomach. If it feels full, then you should give them freshwater or a small amount of food every 15 minutes until they are able to digest properly again.

How Much Bread Is Too Much For A Parakeet?

Although bread is not the most ideal bird food, a parakeet can enjoy up to a quarter-slice of bread every so often (a couple of times a week) just fine.

Always bear in mind the dangers associated with it. For example, providing too much bread to a parakeet can actually be quite dangerous by producing an abundance of unsaturated fat which can lead to obstructions and blockages in their digestive tract.

A safe way you could give your parakeet bread would be if it was moistened beforehand or mixed with other food sources such as grated cucumber, fruit, or eggs.

What Is The Best Bread To Give A Parakeet?


The best kind of bread you could feed your parakeet is a piece of homemade seed-based bread.

It should be a mix with birdseed (or seed-filled products like millet), nuts, herbs, and dried fruit.

This provides their body with a wide array of flavors and nutrients such as vitamin A from the fruit, magnesium from the nuts and seeds, vitamin C from the herbs.

If making your own is not an option, your parakeet will appreciate a healthy snack of organic whole-grain bread. Some people like to add other ingredients such as dried fruit or nuts, but it's best not to give your bird any food that has been frosted with sugar; this is toxic for their bodies and can even cause liver damage.

Whole grains are an essential part of many parrot diets because they provide the fiber needed for digestion in these birds who don't chew their food well before swallowing (like us). You might want to look into substituting some dried rolls if you're looking for something more exciting than plain old cereal! A better treat for a parakeet is millet spray.

What Is The Worst Bread To Give A Parakeet?

The worst bread to give a parakeet would be white bread. White bread is bleached, full of carbs and additives that are processed quickly and will cause your parakeet's blood sugar levels to spike, which can, in turn, lead them to feel tired or sick.


Parakeets can safely eat bread as long as it is either homemade (with bird seeds and love) or organic, wholemeal, and given in moderation. One per week, with small servings of the food each time, should do fine for your bird.

While feeding them this is not going to give them everything they need for healthy living; it's also not the worst thing you can offer a parakeet!

Some nutrients are found within bread, such as some minerals and carbohydrates that might be just what their diet needs at times. Plus, if you're partaking in feeding yourself, then there's an opportunity to bond more with your pet while offering social interaction between both parties, which we all know helps keep pets happy overall!

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