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Pet Parakeets and Children

The above photo was taken by Chris Saccheri

People often think of parakeets as good starter pets for children. They’re small, cute, colorful, and compared to other pets they don’t make too much noise. Keeping pets is fun and of course it’s always a great learning opportunity but before you go out and buy your kid a parakeet, there are a few things you should consider.

Parakeets are Breakable

A parakeet is a lot tougher than he looks but when you’re only 7 inches tall there is a limit to how much abuse you can take. Many small kids (especially 5 years old and under) like to grab animals, pet hard, and play rough. If this is the case with your child then a parakeet is not a good match. What was supposed to be a wonderful experience of owning a pet is likely to end in tears.

Parakeets Need Daily Care

Food and water needs to be added every day for your pet parakeet. Even a child with the best intentions can easily forget the routine. If you get a parakeet for your child, it’s your responsibility to check on the bird at least once a day to see that he’s been properly taken care of.

Parakeets Need Attention

When parakeets are housed alone (no cage mates) they need direct attention from people everyday in order to be mentally and emotionally happy. 1 to 4 hours of daily supervised play time out side the cage is ideal. If your child has a busy schedule with school, sports, and summer camps, you are the one that’s going to have to give your bird that attention. Are you up for it?

Parakeets Bite

Parakeets can get feisty if they have not been properly tamed, are frightened, feel mistreated, or simply don’t want to be played with at the moment. Parakeet bites don’t usually do any harm to adult fingers but little kid fingers can easily bleed. Can your kid handle the occasional bloody finger? It’s bound to happen at least once, even with the nicest of birds.

Parakeet Cages Need Cleaning

Birds don’t generally stink if you keep them clean but they can sure be messy. The papers in your parakeet cage should be changed every day and once a week a deep cleaning should be done of the entire cage. This is a great opportunity for a child to learn some responsibility but keep in mind that you’ll be doing a lot of the work too.

If you and your kid feel you can take on all the tasks of keeping a parakeet alive and healthy then I suggest you go for it! It will be a blast. I wish you luck. Remember, if you have any questions about pet parakeets, just visit us here at

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