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The Difference Between Male and Female Parakeets

Nov/21/2010 Posted by Jon in Pet Parakeet, Pet Parrots

When parakeets are young, both the males and the females look almost exactly the same. As the become sexually mature, the skin around the nostrils (also called the cere) will begin to change color. Young parakeets have a flesh colored cere. Adult males have blue and adult female ceres will either stay fleshy pink or turn brown. Some female ceres will also wrinkle while the males cere is topically smooth.

Behavioral differenced between male and female parakeets

Male parakeets are said to be more talkative than females but tend to have less energy when they get older. Females are said to be less talkative but remain extremely playful and active their entire lives. Females definitely chew a lot more than males do. This may be because in the wild they are in charge of finding a good nesting hole (the lay eggs in natural tree cavities).  Once they find a good hole to nest in they usually chew the inside to make it more accommodating for them and their young.

Female parakeets can be a bit trickier to keep healthy because egg laying is stressful on their bodies. They can lay eggs even without mating but the eggs will not be fertile and will not hatch. Make sure that females get plenty of calcium in their diet. Especially if they are laying eggs.

If you are housing multiple birds together I recommend getting either all males or all females unless you want babies being born. If you want to mix boys and girls, make sure there are not more females then males. The women will fight over the men if the numbers aren’t even. Oddly enough, male parakeets don’t ever seem fight over women.


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