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Parakeets and Other Pets

Nov/27/2010 Posted by Jon in Articles, Parakeet Blog, Pet Parakeet, Pet Parrots

Pet Parakeets are small, colorful, and bite sized for most other animals. If you own other pets I recommend you keep them well away from your parakeet.

Dogs and Parakeets

Most well trained dogs can interact with your parakeet under close supervision. They will enjoy watching the bird and of course smelling it. Don’t let you dog lick your parrot because bacteria in dog saliva (and your saliva) can get your parakeet sick.

Never leave your dog alone with your bird, even if you think your dog is tame enough. Dogs are hunters by instinct and you wouldn’t and “accident” to occur.

Cats and Parakeets

Cats should never be allowed near your parakeet even under close supervision. Wild cats eat birds as an important part of their diet. The instinct to kill is extremely powerful. Even caged birds can get clawed by a cat so do your best to keep the animals in separate rooms.

If your pet parakeet gets scratched by a cat, disinfect the wound as soon as possible. The bacteria on cat claws can kill your bird.

Other dangerous pets

Anything that eats meat should never be left alone with your bird. Ferrets, rats, and snakes are all a threat to birds. Never keep them close together with each other.

Pets that are safe with Parakeets

Other pets like bunnies, mice, hamsters, gerbils, and guinea pigs can be trusted with your pet parakeet but make sure all the animals are clean and that your bird is not exposed to urine or droppings from the other animals.


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